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Hunter's Trading Post, Ltd. Gun Permit Program

Handgun Permit & Re-Certification Program

Don Hunt, Certified Instructor
Frank Willett, Certified Instructor

Massachusetts residents who desire to own and or carry a handgun or to own a high capacity handgun or long gun must have a license to carry issued by the Commonwealth through your local municipality. Requirements for same include successful completion of a State approved course conducted by an approved, State licensed instructor. Also required when renewing a previous license, is a re-certification course by a State licensed instructor.

We at Hunter's Trading Post are certified in Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Black Powder and Home Safety. The course offered at Hunter's Trading Post is designed, conceived and supervised personally by Don Hunt, widely considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished firearms instructors in the U.S. today. Our certification program goes way beyond the normal requirement insofar as we include a variety of caliber handguns including .22 cal., 38 cal., 357 magnum, 9mm, and 40 cal. in both semi-auto and revolver handguns. Our training course is designed to be enjoyable and effective and is done one-on-one with one instructor working directly with one student in a user-friendly format with safety first and foremost in the design of our training program. This results in a student coming away from the course with a thorough knowledge of firearms and their operation and drastically enhances the Safe handling of firearms for a lifetime of enjoyment in the shooting sports.

Taught by N.R.A. and MA State Police Certified Instructors

Our Certification courses are presented in three segments;

1. The Text - consisting of firearms components and actions and firearm safety.

2. Firearm Verbal Review - Single, Double, Double Action Only, pieces parts of pistols and revolvers, accident avoidance and time tested, proven firearm safety practices taught by the instructor's personal experiences as opposed to simply a course manual.

3. Range - Safety, equipment, proper shooting stance and grip, sight alignment, loading and unloading, slow fire and rapid fire, cleaning and proper firearm maintenance in a live firing mode in a fun and most importantly, SAFE environment . Issuance of MA State Certificate.